Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Get Blog Traffic:

The site is a useful tool for those that use Blogger.  On Wordpress you can have an option to push your posts through to Facebook.  Blogger has no such feature, unfortunately.  As the site's name indicates, twitterfeed may also be used to autopost links to your blog on Twitter.  As of right now, you can use twitterfeed to update Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and

The way it works is you input your blog's feed to twitterfeed.  Then you tell where you want the feed sent and how often twitterfeed should check for updates.  When you post a new blog, twitterfeed will detect it and then send the post's title and a link to your FB page or Twitter (or whatever).  That's it!  So it's a really easy way to get extra blog traffic and save you the hassle of manually posting the link everywhere manually.

As far as third party programs, twitterfeed is fairly reliable.  I use it for all my blogs and only occasionally do I have problems.  It sometimes forgets to "check" a blog for updates so the latest post does not show.  However, the problem usually corrects itself by the next post.  I've investigated several other services and so far twitterfeed has been the easiest to use/most reliable.

On the most basic level, people need to know about your blog if you want more blog traffic.  Having your blog merely exist in cyberspace will eventually get keyword-related traffic but if you want to speed the process up, you need to share your blog link with PEOPLE.