Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Get Blog Traffic: Using Twitter wisely

Twitter is perhaps one of the most effective tools a blogger can have if used correctly.  "If" being the operative word here.

To start: how is Twitter different from all those other social platforms?  Why not just have Facebook?  Someone once explained the difference to me and I feel it's  quite apt: Facebook is for keeping track of people you know but don't really want to talk to.  Twitter is for talking to people you really should know.

On Twitter it's not taboo at all to start up a conversation with a total stranger.  In fact, you quickly will gain a following if you do do that.  That's the entire purpose of Twitter.

What Twitter is not good for is selling stuff.  Those who go on there and do nothing but try and hawk stuff on others will quickly get ignored.  It may have worked in early Twitter days... but not anymore.

But Twitter can be used to share blog links.  It's one of the best ways to initially get random people to check out your blog since the entire idea of Twitter is "random encounters."

Use Twitter as a person.  Make a point to interact with others.  People often appreciate it when someone takes the time to reply to their "tweet."  Then when you have a new blog post, announce the title of the post and share the link.  If people you have talked to in the past have found you interesting, there's a really good chance that they will click on the blog link out of curiosity.

How is that not hawking stuff?  There's a thin line.  But really it comes down to the fact that you're not selling anything.  A blog is, essentially, an opinion column.  So it gives those that have found your opinions interesting a chance to further explore "you."

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are an important concept to understand as a blogger.  If used appropriately in your blog title and blog content, they can have a huge impact in the type of readers you are attracting.

A keyword is any term that is directly related to the subject you are talking about.  So as an example:

Subject - Board Games

Keywords - board games, monopoly, monopoly strategy, monopoly rules, how to play monopoly, where to buy monopoly, board game blog

Words that are not keywords - rules, strategy, how to play, playing, Alain's blog

 Now this is a very basic example.  But notice how the keywords are both specific but at the same time broad enough that someone might type it in on the internet.  The words that are not keywords are broad.  "rules" or "strategy" could apply to anything in life that has either/or.  Also, no one will type in my name plus blog unless they already know my blog exists.

There is a chance if you blog becomes popular enough that if someone were to type in a broad term, your blog could come up as relavant.  However, there's no guarantee that the person will click on your blog.  And there's an even slimmer chance that they will become a blog regular.

You have to think about what the purpose of your blog is.  What interests should the ideal reader have?  Title each and every post with this in mind.  It also doesn't hurt to have some keywords in your actual content.

You want to make it so when someone types in one of these keywords online, your blog is the one that pops up as the most relavant site.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Themes

Blog themes are the "skin" or visual style to your blog.  When you change your blog's theme it generally does not change any of your blog's functions.  You still have your basic posts, pages and widgets.  Usually a theme package will change the way your header, footer and font colors look.  Again, it changes the way they look not the way they function.

Most blog hosts will have a variety of standard theme you can choose from.  You can also search on the internet for free or paid themes if you want to get fancier.  Be sure you to check if the third party source is credible.  You don't want to permanently mess up your blog by adding a virus-ridden theme.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Find and Upload RSS/Atom Feed on Blogger

Another short tutorial video that I made about how to find and upload your RSS/Atom feed.  Very important to know if you want to share your blog on other sites.