Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Themes

Blog themes are the "skin" or visual style to your blog.  When you change your blog's theme it generally does not change any of your blog's functions.  You still have your basic posts, pages and widgets.  Usually a theme package will change the way your header, footer and font colors look.  Again, it changes the way they look not the way they function.

Most blog hosts will have a variety of standard theme you can choose from.  You can also search on the internet for free or paid themes if you want to get fancier.  Be sure you to check if the third party source is credible.  You don't want to permanently mess up your blog by adding a virus-ridden theme.


  1. How do you check to see if the third party source is credible? thanks!

  2. I would just do a quick search on the internet. Type in "reviews," "is _____ safe?' or "feedback" for the site you're interested in. If it's blatant spam, there will probably be a posting somewhere from someone saying don't download from that site!

    Also don't totally ignore your computer's antivirus detection. If it just wants to know if you're downloading something from an unknown source that's fine. If it starts saying that it has detected harmful files, that would be a clue.

    If you're looking for themes, most of the sites that come up as the first few results will most likely be credible. It's only once you start getting to page 20 of the searches that you should start to be wary.