Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Get Blog Traffic: Choosing a title

The title of each blog post is possibly the single most important thing you should consider when it comes to blog traffic.  This is something you can directly control about your blog and it makes a huge difference in how people find your posts.  So, it's kind of important.

Cute, catchy titles with lots of play-on-words and puns may make you inwardly glow but they are not going to help other people find your blog.  So if you don't care about how much traffic you get, be as creative as you want.  If you do care, take my advice: title each post with the exact keywords you want people to type in on the internet to find that particular blog.

So, an example of a cute title would be: "My hysterically funny yet disastrous baking experience!"

An example of a specific, keywords in mind title: "Easy Apple Pie Recipe" or just "Apple Pie Recipe."

Yes, I know that the second option is not as much fun.  But when people go onto the internet and type in "apple pie recipe," the second post is the one that's going to pop up as a relevant.  So, as a blog author, you are going to have to make some artistic decisions here.  How much do you care about others seeing your blog?

Even if your titles have to be boring, all is not lost.  The actual content of each blog post can be as wacky and funny as you want.  Just because the blog is titled "Apple Pie Recipe" doesn't mean that you can't throw in your own experiences about the fire extinguisher glaze you were forced to add on top.  In fact, I would recommend that you do.  Things like that are what make people remember the blog later.