Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Get Blog Traffic: Using Google+

Google+, I feel, came just a little too late to the game.  The interface is so simple yet with Facebook still dominating the social media scene, it came in like a light drizzle rather than by storm.  Still, Google has more than enough money to keep it running until it catches on.  And I have to say that it has improved greatly over these past few years.

As a blogger, the best thing about G+ is that it's easy to connect with people.  Also, if you already have a Blogger blog, you can activate your G+ profile in just a few painless steps.  In other words, it's a resource that's already there.

There are two things that make Google+ useful for generating blog traffic.  The first and most obvious thing is that it's easy to share your blog posts on.  Anyone with a Blogger blog can just click "+1" and it's sent over.  Most other free blog hosts have also integrated those +1 sharing buttons.  In this sense, it's not too different from Facebook.  It's just a different crowd.

The second more subtle thing is that there is this feature called "circles."  You find groups ("circles") that are centered around your areas of interest and then Google+ will eventually recommend other groups based on what groups the people in your group belong to.... that that even makes sense.

Point being: it's a useful way to connect with people.

Google+ is somewhere in between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  It has the ease of sharing like Facebook has but it's more encouraging for you to befriend strangers there (by allowing you to categorize friends).  So it has Twitter's feeling of "friending" everyone but allows you to have deeper conversations due to the lack of 140 character restrictions put on Tweets.  And it focuses more on articles rather than statues like LinkedIn but it lacks that professional atmosphere.

So it's not a bad tool to use.  In fact, if you get really involved in some of your circles it's a great way to attract people to your blogs since it's easy to list links in your profile.

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