Monday, March 19, 2012

Your Reader's First Impression... your post title.

I've talked before about choosing keyword savvy titles.  Keyword oriented titles are important for search engine purposes.  They help people to find your blog on the internet.

But it's also important to keep those readers once they do find your blog.  Your blog title is your reader's first impression.  Much of what makes someone decide to continue reading is how a title is phrased.  Think of newspaper headlines; which article would you rather read?

Man buried himself alive!


An interesting thing that someone did.

Regardless of content, you are automatically going to be attracted to the more interesting title.  So, yes, this takes practice.  But the title of each post is incredibly important.  Make an effort to include one or two keywords.  Then work with rearranging them in a way that would make you want to click on your article.

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